To help a student discover their passion and pupose. A third of this nations high school students drop-out of school each year and officials are searching for ways to stop the trend.

This ancient quote points us in the right direction…”Know what is in front of you…and what is hidden will be revealed.”

What is in front of us, according to “The Silent Epidemic,” a research project sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is that many of those who drop-out of school, do so because they said, “We’re bored and not being academically challenged.”

What is hidden is the reason why students are bored…they don’t value education, which is understandable because education without a conclusion has little meaning.

I believe the primary reason why students don’t value education is because we have not addressed the unspoken question that every student has…”What’s in it me?”

When you start true, you end true and I can think of no better way to empower a student, then by helping them discover…their passion and purpose. This quote, from the Gospel of Thomas says it all…”If you bring-out what is within you, what you bring-out will save you. If you do not bring-out what is within you, what you do not bring-out…will destroy you.”

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