About Me


My name is Richard Waldman. I’m a life coach, pastor, veteran, speaker and founder of “A Better Way of THINKING.”

Raised in Southern California, I graduated from Long Beach State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting.

However, much of professional life was spent in the private sector, developing and teaching, for various industries, workshops and seminars that ranged from “continuing-education, to product knowledge to leadership.” In 2015 I moved from the Bay Area to Cape Coral Florida.

I’ve always been a science buff. For me, the unknown has an allure all its own and one the great unknowns that has always fascinated me is…our spiritual and mental make-up. From the time man became aware of himself…philosophers, theologians and mystics have been grappling with the following question:

Why are we the only life form that destroys itself?

My new book: Your Guide to…A Better Way of THINKING...attempts to solve the mystery.

For a preview…log-on to Amazon.com and type in the search bar…Your Guide to…A Better Way of THINKING.