Paying a Psychological/Spiritual Price For Having a Highly Creative Brain

We all experience mood swings driven by elation, fear, doubt and uncertainty. And for some, these conditions morph into mental states such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar, post traumatic stress and hundreds of others, which prevent us, in many cases, from "moving forward." Which raise a question? Why are there so many psychological anomalies? After all,

A Monkey Won’t Let Go, But You Can…

The following excerpt is from my book, Your Guide to... A Better Way of THINKING.” There are two characters John and Noah and they are discussing how “letting go,” enables you to save yourself...from yourself. “Hmmm, freeing the brain,” John slowly repeated. “This might be a stretch, Noah, is there a relationship between freeing

The Power of…The Present Moment

Over the ages, much has been said about the relationship between our state-of-mind and the present moment; living in the here and now. But what does bringing your attention into the moment have to do with managing your state-of-mind? Your brain has the capacity to take you into the future and past, which can