We all experience mood swings driven by elation, fear, doubt and uncertainty. And for some, these conditions morph into mental states such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar, post traumatic stress and hundreds of others, which prevent us, in many cases, from “moving forward.” Which raise a question? Why are there so many psychological anomalies?

After all, you don’t see the other primates, manic, running through the forest or hiding-out in a depressed state. This is not to say that other primates don’t have issues; however, with ample food and the opportunity to be left alone, they get along pretty well. So what is it about our psychology that makes us different?

The answer: unlike the other primates, we have a complex imagination. We can project into the future and past and see, in our mind’s eye, what is not there. Here’s the problem, your brain utilizes this talent without your knowledge.

For example, are you responsible for those nighttime dreams that are chaotic and nonsensical? Of course not, which demonstrates that your brain has the power to take what is true and twist it into something of its own making, which serves as a breeding ground for mental disorders.

Sigmund Freud, the father of modern day psychiatry called this image…the ego, which is Latin for “I,” the self that talks to you through the chatter-in-your-head. You know that voice…the one that call you “dummy and stupid” and says “you don’t have what it takes…so why try?”

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