After creating the heavens and earth God said, “It was good.” He then created Adam and Eve who were not so good. What happened?

The Bible says…we were created in the image of God, meaning that we too, through the power of our imagination, have the ability to create. This talent, for example, gives birth to your hopes, dreams and ideas; it also gave birth to your brains ability to…create on its own.

For example; did you create you…in your own mind? Did you discuss with your brain what your life was going to be like? Did you and your brain sit down and agree on what to be afraid of… and what to be anxious about or how you’re going to treat yourself and others? You didn’t do any of this; your brain made all of these decisions without you.

Not only are we dealing with a brain that has the capacity to create on its own, it also takes pleasure in…miss-creating. For example, are you responsible for those nighttime dreams that are chaotic and nonsensical? Was it you that caused people, places and things not to appear in your dreams as they really are? Of course not…your brain fabricated the whole mess, by taking what is true and twisting it into something of its own making.

Can you see where our brain’s ability to “miss-create” could be a problem? What I’m suggesting is…how we see ourselves may be a distortion of who we really are, which demonstrates that our brain…may not be our best friend.

Sigmund Freud, the father of modern day psychology, called this twisted image of who our brain thinks we are…the ego, which is Latin for “I,” the self that speaks to us through the judgemental chatter in our head. You know that voice, the one that comes between you and God and says…”you’re not smart enough, good enough; it’s their fault, so why try.”

Hundreds of mental disorders exist, because our brains can miss-create in hundreds-of-ways. The depth and width of a disorder is dependent upon our environment and DNA, however, most disorders have the same constructs.

For example, a house can vary greatly in size, shape and style; however, all houses have a foundation, walls and roof. Mental disorders have structure as well. 

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